Our state-of-the-art 教育区 at Kelvin Grove provides technology-equipped teaching spaces, reflecting our commitment to applying technology and immersive digital environments in teaching, 研究和ob欧宝体育APP.

The opening of the precinct in February 2019 is a significant investment in enhancing the student learning experience and continuing to provide quality teaching and education.


分局的中心, the Sphere is a five-metre diameter LED globe suspended over two floors and complemented by a 4.8米宽的交互式数字墙屏.

球面 and digital touchscreen are learning and teaching tools, 具有不断变化的菜单创新和互动内容.

重3.5吨, 它由1040个面板组成,总像素为700万3毫米, 每个像素都有一个独立的LED灯.

球面 is the only digital display of its type in the world with 3mm LED 4K resolution, 这样它就能在大白天工作了.


The precinct teaching spaces can be configured for face-to-face and online learning.

It also includes customised spaces with audio-visual equipment and other technologies, 鼓励创造性和协作性学习.


You’ll be able to experiment and innovate while preparing for professional experiences in schools or early childhood centres. Writable surfaces encourage you to collaborate with your peers and storyboard your ideas.


Share content and experience connected learning from devices to big screen. You’ll learn to incorporate the latest technologies into your teaching, 准备好进入明天的教室.


Find your place for quiet study with a variety of spaces and study pods. For collaborative work you can book small meeting rooms with access to computers and large screens where you can practice presentations.


We’re preparing and equipping teachers to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world, to be able to incorporate technologies and innovation into their teaching so they can inspire 学生 and provide the best possible learning outcomes.

Our teacher education courses are preparing graduates to be well-rounded professionals who teach in the classrooms of today and into the future.



该区域与QUT图书馆和HiQ相连, OB欧宝体育官方网站入口的当代学生服务中心, 这里也是Oodgeroo单位的所在地, OB欧宝体育官方网站入口的原住民和托雷斯海峡岛民学生支援小组.

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