4 Responses to “10 Reasons why Ralf Souquet epitomizes the term “World Class Pool Player” to me”

  1. John Biddle says:

    Pretty good choice for a role model, if you ask me. Fantastic player, nice guy, professional. I always enjoy the extreme focus he brings; wish I had some of that.

    With all the modern era players you’ve interacted with, being the guy you picked says a lot. Ralf must be something special.

  2. I like you choice ;-) Pool looks so easy when he runns a rack…

  3. p00lriah says:

    35 tournaments a year . . .

    that’d be considered backbreaking by many. i’d imagine that takes more mental endurance than physical, especially traveling to multiple countries just to play. plus his obligations to sponsors! pretty impressive.

  4. FastMikie says:

    You chose well…

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