4 Responses to “The Bow Stroke: Less is More”

  1. PoolBum says:

    Samm, I have seen pics of you playing the violin but I had no idea to what extent or what your history with it is. Great article, got me thinking about what other things are best done with a light touch, allowing the flow do the work. The first things that come to mind are holding the reins of a horse and (as a former horseshoer) the hold on the small headed hammer for driving the nails is best done lightly as well. No doubt many other things, once mastered fall into the same category. Thanks for your insightful writings.

  2. David Veatch says:

    Very interesting… I think there are a lot of other connections between the musically inclined and good pool players (or alternatively, people who play pool well). It advances abstract thinking in a way that other endeavors don’t, and for those who have taken music theory, that thinking can take on a mathematic or geometric bent.

    Tangentially related to the cue cradle (I like that) is the bridge. I recently broke the index finger on my bridge hand, and found that the time and care I had to use when bridging improved my shot-making and shape to levels I’ve not seen in years. Then, as the break healed and the need for care decreased, my game decreased. I haven’t thought about that in months… your post brought it back to mind, and I will put it to practice when next I play. Thank you!

  3. g2 says:

    Very interesting Samm — having a gentle hand is one of the surprising lessons a pool player learns, lucky you to have the skill already ingrained in your foundation.

  4. Jake Dyer says:

    Great post Samm!

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