7 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. FastMikie says:

    You ran 47? That’s totally blog-worthy!
    Heck, that’s video-worthy!
    Now I am really jealous.
    Huggy New Year!

  2. Samm D says:

    Thanks, FM!

    Yeah, it was right after Derby last year. Everything just felt perfect & effortless. It started mid-rack with 8 balls left on the table. I finished that rack and two more before missing a jacked up shot with 3 balls left.

    I still can’t believe I didn’t mention it here. I must’ve been super busy. Anyway, that’s when I set the goal for 50+ because I felt it was totally tangible.

  3. Stargazer says:

    Your mental game is easily the weakest facet of your game. You should create some goals that will strengthen your mental game so that you remain focused and play better under stress.

  4. Samm D says:

    Welcome back, Stargazer. I don’t disagree with your statement.

    How easy it is to cast stones when we hide behind the brick wall of anonymity. I invite you to be more specific.

  5. Stargazer says:

    In many of your blog postings, you’ve mentioned how easily you lose focus and get distracted.

    One suggestion might be to handicap yourself when practicing with a sparring partner. Give your opponent a one or two game spot when playing sets. That should force you to focus and play better under pressure.

    We all have problems maintaining our focus and playing well under pressure. Perhaps you can dedicate a blog or column to this topic. Maybe Mike F. can suggest ideas on this too.

  6. Samm, I remember back when you mentioned in a post that you ran 47 balls. I should give myself a goal like this. I don’t play straight pool enough, but when I do I see how it affects focus.

  7. Stargazer, I think (maybe) when Samm mentioned “anonymity”, she was wondering who you are. Your ID didn’t point to anything. I agree about handicaps for focus. I thought Samm has written stuff about mental focus in the past.

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