6 Responses to “eHow to present really bad billiard information on the web. Anyone can play!”

  1. Alison F. says:

    Great article Samm… it’s no surprise that stuff like this is out there, since sadly there are still so many misconceptions about the sport of pool. That line about “being colorful” is hilarious! I hope that the people blindly searching for billiards instruction to not run into this!

  2. Tim Chin says:

    Yeah, I somehow ran across his videos recently too. Hopefully, people search around enough and realize what’s good instruction and what’s not. I also looked at trying to get videos out on expertvillage (similar to ehow) at one point, but it’s the same story, the ‘exposure’ isn’t really worth it.

  3. FastMikie says:

    1. the videos seem to be unplayable on a Mac with Safari browser.

    2. the concept is good, but the execution is poor. for example, the many different videos covering one small aspect of the game (“How to chalk a cue”, etc.) produce very short video clips which address the short attention span of web surfers

    3. I think you could do a great job by copying their titles and making YouTube videos which would give you a lot of exposure and actually be helpful to players.

    4. I still like the video you did about how to tie a Windsor knot at SexyTie (http://www.sexytie.com/how-to-tie-a-tie-the-half-windsor-knot/)
    Maybe you could combine pool and fashion with something like “How to shoot a jump shot while putting your socks on”… I’m sure you could come up with some interesting stuff. I’d watch!

  4. g2 says:

    Fantastic post Samm — It’s a crying shame how misinformed someone can be by utilizing the powers of google … just because it’s in writing, doesn’t mean it’s FACT! Very funny Read Cherry!

  5. Charley says:

    Stick with Youtube? Guess ya haven’t heard that Demand Studios is the largest contributer of videos to YouTube. No doubt a lot of that “ton” of videos you find so admirable are Demand Studios videos.

  6. Samm D says:

    Oh no, I’ve heard. But at least those aren’t the only videos found on YouTube. So, I would caution anyone to who thinks they will learn anything of value from an ExpertVillage or eHow production.

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